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Mentorship & Executive Coaching

What does mentorship by an executive coach mean?

Do you want to help others and improve your life while doing so? ​Have you trained as a hypnotist, but are struggling to build your practice?  What if you provide real, tangible benefits for your clients?

Do you have a degree and even are licensed in a medical field or mental health profession such as counseling, social work, therapy, or psychology and are looking to avoid, prevent, or recover from burnout? 

What does this training opportunity provide?

How we work:

  • Personalized feedback and assignments to help you succeed

  • Grounded and comprehensive Master Hypnotist Society curriculum

  • Real hands-on hypnosis training in a professional setting with actual clients

  • Learn neuro-linguistic and hypnosis techniques from effective NLP and hypnosis trainers who are consulting hypnotists in active practice

  • You must attend a free consultation to evaluate your training needs and to be accepted as a mentorship client.

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    Executive Coaching (also called Mentorship) is the right choice if you want to: 

    • Develop clear outcomes and execute on them

    • A free initial consultation is required to discuss your outcomes and needs and to make the plan to achieve them and the time frame to make them reality.

    • Enhance verbal and non-verbal communication skills

    • Learn the communication methods of great leaders, inspiring teachers, and influential people. Aquire the powerful verbal and non-verbal skills of conveying points, uncovering hidden agendas, and impacting both individuals and groups.

    • Increase sales performance

    • Learn the powerful secrets of "sales magic" so you can get more and larger sales as soon as possible.

    • Enhance professional relationships

    • Learn and enhance your rapport and influence skills that improve the work and even personal relationships that our lives and careers depend on.

    • Learn effective negotiation skills

    • Whether you want to earn to negotiate better or improve your business results, the effective negotiation skills we train and coach you to use have tremendous value.

    • Improve employee performance, retention, or manage people

    • Do you manage a team of people, and have you thrown your hands in the air with everything you've tried before? Excecutive coaching or business mentorship can both make your work easier and get more performance from your group.



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