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Weight Loss Using Hypnosis

Weight Loss with Hypnosis

People all over Wisconsin and thoughout North America are using hypnosis for weight loss and sharing their results. When they achieve their weight loss using hypnosis, they are relieved of the pain of inactivity and enjoy taking back .control of their lives. There are real people achieving their weight loss goals at hypnosis clinics such as La Crosse Hypnosis Center.

What are the results of weight loss hypnosis programs?

We can learn from the weight loss success stories of regular people who were accepted as hypnosis clients and achieved a healthy weight. There are many questions people have after trying other weight loss strategies, which if they struggled before to lose weight, are natural. Here are just a few of the questions that people have asked about how to lose weight with hypnosis programs. We will ask people who have used weight loss hypnosis as well as experts in the field in order to answer some of them.

As you discover the weight loss journey that Candace Richter took, she starts explaining:

I lost 58 pounds total with hypnotism. 40 pounds in five short months. I went from a bulky size 16 to a size 4, and it feels great.

Does hypnosis help people lose weight immediately?

Hypnosis doesn’t provide an automatic solution – you still must change your behaviors to lose weight. Experts agree that hypnosis techniques can make reaching weight loss goals easier by changing the limiting thought patterns that prevent people from reaching success or believing it is worth doing what must be done to reach their goals. Hypnosis can help erase food cravings. Most clients replace bad eating habits by developing healthy habits in their hypnosis weight loss programs. These lifestyle changes are going to increase your weight loss and good health, and can be consistent. Many of the clients who use hypnosis make lifestyle changes, including eating healthier foods and getting into the fitness club, said Dr. Daniel Burow.

Some people report that they do experience changes after the first hypnosis session and in the first week of their weight loss hypnosis programs such as Mrs. Candace Richter did when losing weight:

I saw results right away. First I was more calm and in control of my eating choices. I stopped watching the scale and started choosing the activities that could really help me. I quit feeling sorry for myself. You could say the program simply adjusted my attitude and motivation. I always knew what to do, but I needed help to consistently make the choices. This program gave me just that kind of help.

What do you have to do to lose weight by hypnosis?

When you know that eating fewer calories and getting regular exercise will help you lose weight, hypnosis will help in other ways especially if you've struggled with weight loss before. Candace Richter continues:

Hypnosis ended my struggle with weight loss. I had tried everything before. I had been to gym programs. I tried dieting and another weight loss plan. I even ordered videos. Nothing lasted. Now I am in a size 4, and this program is completely the reason why. My search stopped here.

Also Richter reports long term weight management because of the lifestyle changes she made with the custom weight loss hypnosis program she used to make the necessary behavior change. Actually, a combination of hypnosis, behavior changes, physical activity, and agreeing with what you must do to succeed are important in acheiving your weight loss goal.

Who is hypnosis for?

While some studies claim people who are more resistant to hypnosis have a lower tolerance for hypnosis than others, studies show they can be hypnotized. Hypnosis has the potential to be an excellent tool — if someone wants to relax and to allow themselves to go into self hypnosis. "Those who are creative and score higher on intelligence tests have a higher chance of entering in a hypnotic state," explained Dr. Burow.

Hypnosis techniques can be helpful for people wanting to shed excess body fat, to relieve stress and fears, and to help with sadness and worry. Specific hypnosis techniques help different people and according to their individual situation. These will include learning self hypnosis and applying the professional and modern methods of hypnosis, self hypnosis, and effective self-help techniques including personalized hypnotic suggestions.

Some people have even sought out hypnosis in order to lose more weight when what they were previously doing stopped working so they could finally reach their weight loss goal. There are even rare people who need to gain weight to reach their healthy weight, although if someone has an eating disorder, he or she should seek appropriate help.

How can I know whether hypnosis will work for me?

Although hypnosis might not be right for everyone, and there are instances when people with certain health conditions (such as severe obesity) should be referred to their healthcare professional, the many professional hypnosis clinics in the United States and Canada that are members of the Master Hypnotist Society will offer hypnosis screenings when promoting weight loss hypnosis programs. When the certifed hypnotists conduct your hypnosis for weight loss screening, they assess your situation and determine whether hypnosis will benefit you. The hypnotist you meet will then explain what is required to reach your goal and any type of guarantee. The most experienced certified hypnotists provide a written service guarantee with their hypnosis programs. You can find out whether you can also benefit from hypnosis for weight loss by attending a free hypnosis screening where the professional hypnotist can determine whether you can be accepted as a client by the hypnosis clinic.

With the proof available that weight loss hypnosis works for many people, and with the benefits that learning self conditioning techniques such as self hypnosis provide for you, you have nothing else to lose but the extra weight. If you've ever sought a better solution, perhaps hypnosis will be the effective strategy for you to lose weight.

There are many possible hypnosis solutions and hypnosis training available in addition to weight loss hypnosis such a quit smoking hypnosis programs, building confidence hypnosis programs, and stress relief hypnosis programs. All of them are customized for each person, and your professional hypnotist can determine what you need to do at your hypnosis screening to reach your goal.

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Weight Loss Clients 

Clothes are quite loose

"Have had a great time! I find the CDs full of useful information and very relaxing. My clothes were getting quite tight before I started and now they are quite loose, and I have even gotten a smaller size out of the back of the closet- yeah! I am hooked on fruits and vegetables!"

Vicki Hilgers, Pharmacist, Lodi, WI

Tired of trying to lose weight and nothing works? You can succeed with something totally different. Join the group of people who successfully lose extra weight using hypnosis. Just look at the stories people share of their experience using hypnosis for weight loss. This customized hypnosis weight loss program takes into account how you are unique.

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