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At La Crosse Hypnosis Center, we help individuals lose weight, stop smoking, become more confident, and reduce stress.

La Crosse Hypnosis Center offers you a Free Hypnosis Screening that is about you and your needs. You discuss the problem you wish to change, and we explain what your responsibilities will be in the process.

We answer your questions and offer you an honest opinion of your ability to be hypnotized and achieve your desired results. Whether you are looking to change your results or habits, we help people achieve personal excellence and professional achievement. When you are accepted into a La Crosse Hypnosis program we do our best to structure your program to fit your budget, lifestyle, and time requirements.

Our staff members are provide individualized hypnosis sessions and classes designed for people with demanding lives. La Crosse Hypnosis Center offers hypnosis programs for qualified individuals as well as Hypnosis and NLP trainings in group, private and online venues.

We also provide coaching in both for personal goals and to help businesses grow. If you wish to know more about this, call 608-471-2777 and set up your free 30-minute screening and consultation.

If you would be accepted as a client, our coaching and hypnosis programs will guide you with step by step strategies on how to reach your self-improvement goals. Our clients and students receive the added bonus of associate membership in the Master Hypnotist Society.

You will receive a Written Service Guarantee if you are accepted as a client and sign up for a program. 

As every client is different, there are no typical clients or average results, thus individual results may vary. Our clients followed the directions given. All educational programs at La Crosse Hypnosis Center teach self-help and self-hypnosis techniques for motivational behavior change. We do not diagnose nor treat disease. These programs are offered as an adjunct to and not a replacement for standard treatment techniques, therapies, and practices.

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About Michael Glowacki

Michael Glowacki has built hypnosis clinics in Wisconsin using the Master Hypnotist Society system as a consulting hypnotist and trainer in the Master Hypnotist Society. By helping many hundreds of clients and guiding others in overcoming business challenges over the years, Michael works with clients and students in his busy hypnosis practice via personal programs, through coaching, and both private and group trainings.

As an experienced professional entertainer and public speaker, Michael works with business owners and with human resource departments to improve communication both personally, professionally, and group dynamics in their organization.

Michael provides hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistics techniques) training. He also mentors hypnotists, other professionals, and business owners in how to improve marketing, revenue, and profits. He finds his motivation by seeing clients succeed and by hearing what people want or need and connecting them to what benefits them.

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