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Quit Smoking by Hypnosis - Finally, now it's time to stop smoking!

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Quitting Smoking: “It’s a Great Feeling.”

“I’m a repairman that works for Chrysler. I’ve smoked for 20 years. After the 1st session I had here I haven’t smoked since. It’s been over a month and the cravings have lessened over this time. GO ALL IN with this and you will DO IT!!! It’s a great feeling.”

Jeramy Sorrenson, Auto Repairman, Brodhead, Wisconsin

Quitting Chewing Tobacco Has Been Great

“I had a can in my truck the day I had my first session. Once I was in my truck I had ZERO interest in taking a dip. When I made my first stop traveling back home I took that can of chew and spit bottle and threw it away. I’ve never thought twice about it since. It’s been GREAT.”

Brandon Kuhn, Sales, Marshfield, WI

"This Time Quitting Smoking Was Easy!"

"I was not sure hypnosis was going to work but it has. I was smoking a pack a day, now I smoke none. I am more relaxed and calmer. I had tried quitting many times (before) and did not succeed. This time quitting was easy. I did not even think about it. I am saving lots of money and spending more time with the kids. We will all be going to Disney World now that I am not smoking."

Nicole Bettner, Law Enforcement, Dodgeville, WI

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    Forgot to Smoke! Giving up smoking for good.

    “I have smoked for almost 20 years and have tried many different ways to quit in the past that didn’t work for me. After my first try with hypnosis I have not had a smoke since. I still get the feeling for one but it is easily forgot about in a few moments. After about a week I forget about smoking during times that I would have been craving one.”

    Robert Heibler, Assembler, Evansville, WI

    “I completely believe in this. I am tobacco free.”

    "I am (have been) at a very stressful time in life, and my wife and I discussed hypnosis. The discussion was mostly about the cost, so I searched Google, and found a guarantee. Two days later, I went to my appointment with my doubts. Because I sincerely know I don’t want to use tobacco, I have not had any since I left this office. I completely believe in this. Ten days ago I felt there was no hope. Thank you, La Crosse Hypnosis. I am tobacco free for 10 days and counting.

    Update: Close to one year later.

    Almost one year ago, I was hypnotized by Michael. I was over any cravings for nicotine in less than a week. The longer I went the easier it got. There is no way I will mess that up now. Nic fits never really happened. My cravings were easily guided into something else, like chocolate, mint, citrus, anything I decided. Then the craving was not thought of again. I definitely recommend hypnosis to everyone who is open minded enough to allow it to work. Just realize the benefit you will receive, if you allow it to happen, then don’t challenge it, by asking yourself did it work, just know that it did."

    Kurt Skinner, Truck Driver, Cambria, WI

    Call 608-471-2777 today, schedule your free hypnosis screening, and come in so we can determine whether you could be accepted as a client.

  • Are you tired of the pain of smoking or chewing tobacco? Do you need to get free from the hassles smoking causes?

  • Look at the results other people get using hypnosis to quit smoking. In order for La Crosse Hypnosis to determine whether we can accept you as a client, you need to schedule and attend a free 30 to 45-minute hypnosis screening.

  • Only you can decide to schedule your free 30 to 45-minute hypnosis screening. Call 608-471-2777 today. After you attend your free hypnosis screening, you will know whether you will succeed. We offer the Best Written Service Guarantee. Just call now.

How To Give Up Smoking Using Hypnosis

Finanally now you can give up smoking using hypnosis to help you. Hypnosis often is an effective way to stop smoking and be free from cravings. It works by changing your mind, ending bad habits, relieving stress, and reducing cravings so much that you're unlikely to want cigarettes.

It doesn't matter what have you tried before to quit. If you are sincere about giving up smoking for good, you can beat the nicotine cravings with hypnosis. Many everyday ordinary people, and some celebrities as well, give up cigarettes and quit smoking by going to a hypnotist.

You know that you spend a lot of money on cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or cigars flushing that money down the drain. Of course you will have to do what is required to stop smoking and agree to follow the hypnotist's instructions. It can be easier to stop smoking and give it up all together using hypnosis--and you must take back control of your life

Choose a hypnotist who will help you quit smoking.

If you decide to use hypnosis to quit smoking , make sure you choose a professional hypnotist. A good hypnotist will give you a free hypnosis screeing to determine whether hypnosis will benefit you and to ensure he or she can accept you as a client. You want also to know that the hypnotist understands what's going on with you. He'll also explain how hypnosis works and how a hypnosis program can help you quit smoking. Finally, they'll discuss what you need to do without pressure and explain your options and any guarantee. You can make the decision finally to quit smoking and give up a smelly habit.

Could you finally give up smoking with hypnosis?

Schedule your free hypnosis screening at La Crosse Hypnosis and find out about our special guarantee that is the best in the business. We can answer your questions about hypnosis while we determine whether we can accpet you as a hypnosis client.

If you can become a member of the group of non-smokers, then like other people you can discover all the rewards of giving up smoking and how you can become free of the embarrasing habit of putting something in your mouth and lighting it on fire. Look at the reviews that other people have shared and then call to scheudle your free hypnosis screening. End the frustrating debates and choose to be free from cigarettes.

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