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Pain Management

Self-hypnosis for Pain Management can assist you in your goal to live comfortably.

With a physician's written referral, you may benefit by learning self-hypnosis for self-help to manage pain. We do not practice medicine, provide medical treatment, diagnosis, nor use psychological methods. Those are for your health-care professionals to perform. Hypnosis serves as a complementary adjunct to medical treatment and conventional techniques.

You must undergo a comfortable hypnotic screening for the consulting hypnotist to determine whether self-hypnosis will help you. If hypnosis is not advisable, you will be referred back to your treating physician. Call 608-471-2777 today and schedule your no-cost hypnosis screening.

What to expect in your hypnosis screening:

  • In-depth discussion of your situation.

  • Evaluate your ability to learn and use self-hypnosis for better living.

  • If it is possible that you could be accepted as a client, together we will outline what you would need to do in order to achieve your desired outcome.

La Crosse Hypnosis offers services that are held out to the public as nontherapeutic and motivational servicesrendered by Consulting Hypnotists, not as health care nor psychotherapy. We seek to make our educational services helpful for a wide range of issues. This may include making medical or psychological care obtained elsewhere more effective, but our work and instruction is not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological treatment or therapy.

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