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Would you like to be more successful and improve your ability to reach your goals? Whether it’s to lose weight, stop smoking, gain confidence, or relieve stress you can use hypnosis to make your goals a reality. Have you ever experienced a profoundly comfortable flow state, or a relaxed, trance-like moment, like daydreaming? Discover how hypnosis can help you like these people.

Gain the benefits that our clients have with either online hypnosis sessions or in person sessions with our hypnosis programs. 

Our client reviews of La Crosse Hypnosis Center show you what people have experienced in hypnosis programs.

In order for La Crosse Hypnosis Center to determine whether we can accept you as a client, you need to attend a free hypnosis screening of 35-45 minutes. Every free screening fun, informative, and focused on helping you. 

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Call (608) 471-2777 for Your Free Screening at La Crosse Hypnosis Center

Schedule your no-risk, free screening where you’ll find out if you’re a good candidate for hypnosis. Many people start seeing results after the screening alone—but we continue to offer it for free so there’s no reason to wait to try hypnosis.

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Find Out if Hypnosis Can Work For Your Unique Situation

At your 30-45 free minute screening we’ll assess if hypnosis is right for you. We’ll explain all fees, policies, procedures, and guarantees so you can make an informed, pressure-free decision.

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Reach Your Goals — Backed by Our “Best Service” Guarantee

We aim to provide you the best service possible, so even though most people reach their goals in a matter of weeks, we promise to stick with you until you reach yours — with no extra charges. It’s all included in our Best Service Guarantee.

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