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Clothes Are Quite Loose!

"Have had a great time! I find the CDs full of useful information and very relaxing. My clothes were getting quite tight before I started and now they are quite loose, and I have even gotten a smaller size out of the back of the closet- yeah! I am hooked on fruits and vegetables!"

Vicki Hilgers, Pharmacist, Lodi, WI

Forgot About Smoking

“I have smoked for almost 20 years and have tried many different ways to quit in the past that didn’t work for me. After my first try with hypnosis I have not had a smoke since. I still get the feeling for one but it is easily forgot about in a few moments. After about a week I forget about smoking during times that I would have been craving one.”

Robert Heibler, Assembler, Evansville, WI

More Outgoing, Less Stressed

"Before coming here I had very low self esteem, judged myself too harshly, and would become stressed easily. Now I have noticed myself being more outgoing, less stressed, and less judgmental of myself. I have learned new ways to deal with stress and am overall happier."

Madeline Friske, Student, Madison, Wisconsin

I Feel So Much Better

"I used to feel unsure of myself and my surroundings, as though outside influences were what controlled me. I though hypnosis could help. I got the change I so desperately wanted. They were able to give me the help I needed. I now have the tools, as an adult, to control my life, and I feel so much better. I’m calmer, less stressed, and confident. Thank you!"

Stephanie Koob, Cashier, Madison, Wisconsin

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